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DJ Powder Coating - Where have you been all my life? You are definitely my go to guy from now on"

DJ Powder Coating offers a full line of powder coating services; industrial and custom. Our focus is high quality work- when your job must be flawless. Yet we always get your job completed in a timely and economical manner. Whether it's an old set of wheels that need refinishing, a ski tower for your boat or railroad switching mechanisms - DJPC gets the job done right. We provide top quality service with affordable rates. Customer service is our top priority - making sure all of our clients leave completely satisfied.   

DJ Powder Coating serves the entire United States- as well as locally to:

  • Greensboro
  • Winston-Salem
  • High Point
  • Burlington
  • And all surrounding areas in North Carolina

DJPC Services:

Markets DJ Powder Coating serves:

  • Motorsports: Frames/chassis, wheels, bodies, antennas, hitches, roll bars, valve covers, engine parts, manifolds, exhausts, etc.
  • Manufacturing: Fixtures, work tables, housings, pipes, machinery, furniture components, pumps, etc.
  • OEMs & Metal Fabricators: Coating services for various metals, metal alloys & parts
  • Household: Lawn furniture, light fixtures, shelving, decorative items, mailboxes, lawn ornaments, snow plows, etc.
  • Architectural: Decorative, railings, gates, fencing, balconies, stairs, light fixtures, etc.
  • Construction/Building Materials: Doors, window frames, lifts, ladders, fasteners, railings, scaffolding, gutters, etc.
  • Electronics: Control panels, housings, switches, brackets, conduit, etc.
  • Fishing/Hunting: Bows, stands, lures, equipment, etc.
  • Marine: Outriggers, outdrives, trailers, anchors, docks, hand rails, cleats, towing equipment, radar arches, etc.
  • Municipalities: Signage, garbage/smoking receptacles, meters, community signs, benches, bike racks, book/video return boxes, etc.
  • Parks & Recreation: Decks, bleachers, benches, bike racks, playground equipment, water fountains, newspaper machines, etc.
  • Retail: Display racks, point of purchase displays, shelves, cart returns, shopping carts, etc.

Small custom jobs:

Each customer holds equal importance to our business. Small and/or short-term jobs are handled with the same care and level of service as any other job. You should try to get as many parts together that are to be powder coated the same color. This will eliminate color change time and will help in ordering the correct amount of powder, if it is not a stock color.

Large, long running jobs:

Our large oven racks allow us to run most large quantity jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before. Whether the jobs consist of multiple small parts or large parts, our oven capacity (22.5’ Long X 8’ High X 8’ Wide + 14' Long X 8’ High X 8’ Wide) can handle them without difficulty.

Getting things done on time:

We complete jobs in the order they are received. We offer timely service; however, we do not rush a job. We pride ourselves in completing all of our customers’ jobs as if they were our own. After all, it is the finish that is seen first. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction while keeping turnaround time to a maximum of 2 weeks. Under normal circumstances, we get things done correctly and on time. Getting your parts done right and on time is always a top priority. We strive that each part go out the door when you want it, however if the need arises we will notify you in the event of any delay.

If some of the parts don't meet your expectations:

Please inspect your parts upon pick up. If you should discover something wrong with your part(s), notify us immediately. If you reject part(s) due to a coating issue that was caused by us, we will recoat. Parts that are too light, too heavy, chipped, scratched or damaged upon your receipt can be replaced at no charge. However, if a powder coated part is brought back months later to be reworked there will be a charge.

Rough handling, improper storage and poor condition of raw parts can cause rejects that we cannot be responsible for. The bottom line is if the error rests on our shoulders we will gladly recoat the parts and do whatever we can to address the problem to satisfy your needs. DJ Powder Coating reserves the right to validate all claims, but we will not charge you to correct our own mistakes.

Powder colors available:

We can special order 1000s of colors we don't have in stock. Feel free to come by our powder coating facility and browse our wide selection of color samples to pick the perfect color for your next upcoming project. Our professional staff will explain the properties of each type of powder and help you to make the best informed choice for your application. If you already have a color in mind, bring it in so that we can match it as closely as we can without sacrificing quality. Unlike paint, you can’t mix powder to change the color; it will only come out speckled. There is probably a color already available that is close enough. It is easier to match paint to powder, than powder to paint. Custom colors for a perfect match are available, but may cost @ $300.00 and up to 4 weeks for production.

Finishes available:

  • Smooth: Available in a variety of gloss ranges to highlight appearance and depth.
  • Textured: Often used to hide irregularities or imperfections in the parts. They are also effective at hiding fingerprints and give a distinctive feel to a product.
  • Wrinkle: A special class of textures which offer style variation and a consistent appearance.
  • Hammertones/Veins: Give an antique or distressed look and are widely used on metal furniture & fixtures.
  • Metallic: Adds sparkle highlights to a base color to increase richness.
  • Clear: Provide protection and also serve as a top coat over metallics to bring out the luster.
  • DormantsColor comes out during baking - base coat requires a clear coat to bring the color to full richness. Dormant colors are able to achieve finer metallic finishes
  • CandyClear tint applied over different colors of bases to give depth
  • Transparents: Non-hiding coatings that add highlight color.
  • Gloss: Levels range from flat to high gloss.
  • High Heat: A high heat resistant powder coating for interior and exterior applications typically associated with industrial vehicle, or machining parts.
  • Primer: Provides increased adhesion and corrosion resistance. It can also be employed when the substrate has surface imperfections that would adversely affect the quality of the ensuing topcoat. This coating should not be used as an exterior topcoat.

 Types of Coatings:

  • Epoxy: Decorative, indoor use
  • Polyester: Interior/Exterior, good chemical and weather resistance
  • Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid: Decorative, functional, indoor use, chemical resistance
  • Polyurethane: Interior/Exterior, low film thickness, good weather resistance
  • TGIC: Decorative, functional, thick film build
  • Hybrids: Specially formulated for unique needs
  • FDA Approved: Hybrid use in food and drug industries
  • Anti-Microbial: Prevents spread of microbes and bacteria
  • Thermoplastic: Alternative to vinyl dipping, applied at 3 mils
  • Thermosetting: Crosslinker additives
  • U.V. Resistant Super Durables: Outdoor equipment, impact and chemical resistant

We are committed to better serving these industries with the following: 

  • 22.5' X 8' X 8' + 14' X 8’ X 8’ ovens, media blast room, pre-treatment room, top of the line powder coating guns, batch powder coating
  • Inspection of the powder coated part prior to surface preparation
  • Media Blasting (Sandblasting) to remove existing finish, rust, or mill scale to prepare the surface for powder coat adhesion & durability
  • Pre-treatment cleaning process, involves steam cleaning, degreasing, rinse and a phosphate wash to help with adhesion of powder to surface
  • Wide variety of powder coating color options
  • High temperature masking is applied & silicon plugs inserted to protect areas that should not be powder coated
  • Inspection for quality after part is powder coated & removed from the oven
  • We are able to handle large objects, as well as multi-piece production runs

Standard prices include pre-treatment, and powder coating using a stock color (Gloss or matte black or white, red, blue, silver, navy blue, yellow). Parts should be disassembled. Additional costs may vary due to extra pre-treatment needed, color and quantity of powder ordered. Clear coats can be applied to almost all powders for a look of depth, gloss and extra protection. Some colors require a clear coat (i.e. some metallics, silver, dormants, etc.). A 2nd coat of clear or primer will add 50-60%.


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When you need a special order color, we use:

Prismatic Powders


Powder Buy The Pound

In addition, we use the following companies for stock colors:

Tiger Drylac        Cardinal