Powder Coat Pricing


DJ Powder Coating does not take short cuts- not in preparation, cleaning, and not in cure times. We focus on superior quality: giving you a beautiful, long lasting finish!


Standard prices include pre-treatment, and powder coating using a stock color (Gloss or matte black or white, red, blue, silver, navy blue, yellow). Parts should be disassembled. We have a minimum of 100.00 to cover costs. Additional costs may vary due to extra preparation, color and quantity of powder ordered. Clear coats can be applied to almost all powders for a look of depth, gloss and extra protection. Some colors require a clear coat (i.e. some metallics, silver, dormants, etc.). A 2nd coat of clear or primer will add 50-60%.

How much would it cost to powder coat my items?

  • Size and Shape: Affects price - sometimes weight is considered if it requires more manpower to move
  • Type of Finish: Matt or Gloss Black is going to be cheaper than Black Starlight.
  • Quantity: Major factor in pricing a powder coating job - if you bring a small, simple item (like a bracket) and you want it coated in a stock color that we are already coating for another job - in order to give you the best price possible, we will try to put your part with that rack and only charge you for the coating on just your part. If you need the part quickly or in a unique color, we will have to charge more.

See our Contact Page to send us pictures or specs for your part and we will gladly get you an estimate.

Do all powders the same cost the same?

Stock colors are naturally less expensive than powder that must be special-ordered or powders that are hard to locate. Some other powders are higher-priced simply because of their properties, such as high temperature, textured or luminescent powders. The cost of the powder represents only a small part of the total cost of the powder coating process. Most of the cost can be attributed to the labor of setup and processing of the parts, which varies depending on the circumstances required to process each individual part.